“GLOBAL 2000 REPORT”:: Open Eugenics/Population Control[100% Motive]you’ve been warned
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97% of Global 2000 External Servers Still Vulnerable After Heartbleed
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According to a research from security solutions developer Venafi, 97 percent of the Global 2000 organizations' externally facing servers continue to be vulnerable to cyber attacks due to incomplete Heartbleed remediation. That's a staggering number

United States : Acquia Achieves Record Growth as …
Record adoption of its digital experience platform by Global 2000 brands led Acquia to its 21st consecutive quarter of revenue growth in the second quarter of 2014.

Global 2000: Canada : a view of Canadian economic development prospects …
Roger Voyer, Mark G. Murphy, Canada. Environment Canada, Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, published 1984, 164 pages