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Wien: Lebenswerteste Stadt der Welt | EuromaxxWien: Lebenswerteste Stadt der Welt | Euromaxx
Wien hat seinen Spitzenplatz in der weltweiten Städterangliste der Beratungsgesellschaft Mercer verteidigen können: Zum vierten Mal in Folge wurde Österreich…

Blackstone's Byron Wien: The Power of Lower Oil Prices
GuruFocus.com (registration), on Mon, 09 Feb 2015 13:48:48 -0800
The Ten Surprises of 2015 have two prevailing themes. The more dominant is that the decline in the price of oil is generally a positive for the world. It puts money in the pockets of consumers everywhere and it is likely to force Iran and Russia to be

Byron Wien's surprises for 2015 – CNBC.com
Despite the rough start to the year, Blackstone's Byron Wien told CNBC he thinks the S&P 500 will produce a 15 percent return for 2015. "Earnings are going to come through. The U.S. economy is strong," Wien, vice chairman …