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Deutsche in Wien: Begegnungen mit dem “Piefke-Komplex”.
Mit Saskia Kriese, Dirk Stermann, Hubertus Godeysen und Jockel Weichert. Ein Film von Josef Bacher.

BYRON WIEN: The Smartest Man In Europe Taught Me Two Important Lessons
Business Insider, on Mon, 14 Jul 2014 12:03:08 -0700
In his latest monthly market commentary for Blackstone clients, he spends some time discussing an unnamed influence he calls "The Smartest Man in Europe." "People often ask me if I have a mentor, someone who has influenced my thinking over my career," …

Hakoah Wien: football pioneers – World Soccer
The demise of Hakoah Wien is just one tale amidst of the horror of the Nazis in Europe. But underneath the tragedy there is the story of a great pioneering club whose impact on football culture in the inter-war years was …